Setting up a small business computer network will allow you to manage all of your operations more easily and efficiently by enabling you to share a single broadband connection among multiple users and computers. Users will also be able to easily share files and resources such as software or printers. Setting up an effective computer network will make a big difference for your business in terms of productivity and ease-of-use.

However, while some people have the technical know-how and experience to feel comfortable setting up a network and its security features, many business owners would prefer to have a professional handle it. BBS Computing has been helping businesses in the Rochester, NY area set up their networks for over a decade. We will sit down with you and determine your needs, then create a network plan that is right for your business.

First we will need to determine whether or not your new network should be wired using Ethernet cables, completely wireless, or a combination. This will depend on a number of factors, most notably the types of computers you will have using the network. Each method has its benefits. Wired networks are more reliable, more secure, less expensive, and are usually faster. However if you plan to use a lot of different components for accessing the Internet, you may want to decide on a wireless network, which will enable you to have broadband access throughout your business, depending on the range of your router. Plus, a wireless network will allow your business to look less cluttered and also be safer for employees because there will not be as many wires to potentially trip over around the office. It will also enable you to please visitors by offering them Wi-Fi access.

You may decide on a combination of the two. For example, if you have a desktop PC you may want to have that hooked up with an Ethernet cable and if you use a laptop as well you may want to connect that with the wireless router for ease of mobility around your business.

Next you need to decide if you would like to make it a Peer-to-Peer set-up or a Client-Server set-up. The main difference between the two is in the setup configuration, because both networks will connect computers in order to share resources between them. Each computer accesses both the server and the client in a peer-to-peer set up. Every computer communicates with all the other computers within the network.

For home use peer-to-peer set up is much more common, while businesses tend to prefer a client-server configuration. With this type, multiple computers, also known as clients, are connected to a single central server. All applications and public data are installed on the server and then the client computers connect to the server to use those resources.

If you choose to create a client-server set up then you are probably going to need a server, although you may be able to get by with a server-friendly operating system depending on your needs. Both Linux and Microsoft Windows Server Edition are good options for this. You simply install one of them on a PC, and then use that PC as your server. However if you plan to expand your network in the future, then you may want to consider getting a stand-alone server for the job. You should give each client computer on your network a name, for example James-Desktop1 or Sue-Laptop2. Then you can use the names that you set up in order to grant privileges or set restrictions for any of the clients on your network.

If you run a small business, you will definitely want to think about network security. This is especially true if you choose a wireless configuration. Protecting the network by setting up the necessary security precautions is one of the best reasons to call professionals like BBS Computing. You will want to choose a very strong password for your network, using only alphanumeric characters and making sure that it is not something that can be easily guessed. You will also want to protect each of the computers on your network with individual passwords and the proper firewalls and software.

Setting up a computer network for your small business can have a very positive impact on your business, increasing both efficiency and productivity. Trust the set-up of your network to the experienced professionals at BBS computing. Since 2001, we’ve been helping businesses and individuals in the Rochester area create networks that fit their needs and their budgets.  And if you need help with computer repair Rochester, we have you covered there as well.

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