Computer Repair and Industry News for Rochester – May 2014

BBS Computing of Rochester NY is here to help you this season by bringing you top quality service. We made a list of some tips and tricks to keep your computer network running its best and free from the need of computer repair services. Read through these great sources and chose us the next time your home or office needs help.

Staying Secure

In The Cloud

The Cloud provides companies with an amazing range of accessibility and freedom to perform businesses from anywhere. However, that can also allow for unexpected problems. Read these top 8 tips from Radius Security on how to keep your information secure in the cloud.

Taking Care of Business

When it comes to protecting confidential material, we have some information on how to best secure your business. Read through the best ways to ensure that your data is kept locked and safe from cloudHQ.

Simple Organization

A lot of times, the best offense is a good defense. Learn how to avoid errors and missing files by simple and effective organization. Read these helpful tips by Take Control Organizing and see how you can better operate your business and life.

Stay Virus Free

12 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Computer

It is hard to know what is ok and what can be very harmful. Read this great advice and explanations from Cool Tips and Tricks about how to make sure your computer remains virus-free.

How to Remove a Virus

If you do pick up a virus on your computer, read how to erase it quickly and simply from TechHubPedia. Learn more about how you can keep your device clean and operating properly.

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