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Business Phone Systems in Rochester, NY

Proven to be the industry leader as an all in one solution for business phone systems, Allworx® overcomes price and functionality obstacles to deliver top notch VoIP telephone service for businesses.

Whether your business has 10 employees at a single site or hundreds of employees at multiple locations, traditional phone lines, VoIP lines, T1 or T1/PRI, if you need a complete business phone system in Rochester, NY, BBS Tech is ready to assist you with all your needs.

Business Phone Systems – Functionality Without the Price

  • Business Phone Systems – Unlike competitor systems, Allworx gives you the luxury of choice in telephone technology.
  • IP Phones – Allworx phones are designed to provide effortless communication every day.
  • Software Features – Your Allworx server comes complete with all the features you need for day-to-day operations.

In addition to computer repair, custom built computer systems and cell phones, BBS Tech is proud to provide Allworx phone products through Patriot Communications.  Give us a call today or contact us now to find out the benefits for you.

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